NHSN - Nation Home Sharing & Short Breaks Network

The National Home Sharing & Short Breaks Network (NHSN) is the premier association of people and organisations engaged in using, promoting and providing Home Sharing / Host Family based services for people with intellectual disability and physical disability and/or Autism.

The role of the NHSN is to promoting best international practice, lobbying Government, research, providing information to Host Families and Home Sharing schemes. The NHSN is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on subscription from members.

Short Breaks

Home Sharing / Short breaks is a family based service which involves a family in the community hosting a child or adult with an intellectual disability into their home for short breaks and caring for that person as a member of their family. Find out more

Contarct Families

Contract Families is where a Host Family offers breaks to indivuiduals with an intellectual disability who have additional needs such as physical or medical, by offering 10, 16 or 20 placements per month to 3 – 4 different individuals. Find out more

Shared Living

Shared Living is where an adult with an intellectual disability shares a Host Family’s home on a full-time arrangement (with short breaks support to another family if necessary). Find out more


Home Share Galway – A Short Documentary