What is Home Sharing?

Home Sharing is an inclusive, community based service provision that provides short breaks or fulltime support to people with intellectual disabilities. Home Sharing is an umbrella term used to describe all types of  arrangements such as “Home Sharing Short Breaks”, “Family Based Respite” or “Break Away”. It also includes Contract Families and Shared Living.

Home Sharing is an essential way to support and expand the informal networks of families and to build on the capacity and strength of communities. Home Sharing arrangements are seen as the way forward nationally and internationally as a viable and  appropriate type of short breaks respite service provision for people with intellectual disabilities.

All Home Sharing families are assessed, vetted, trained, supported & supervised by the relevant Home Sharing Scheme. Each child or adult is matched carefully to the Home Sharing family and strong relationships can and have developed. Individuals have been successfully placed with hundreds of families since 1985.

People availing of Home Sharing support range in age from 4 to 70+ years of age. As well as having an intellectual disability some individuals have complex needs that include epilepsy, behaviour that challenges, physical disabilities and medical conditions. Each person’s needs are different and breaks can be altered to suit the individual and the family’s needs.

“Building the capacity of Home Sharing families and giving greater control and choice to natural families will enable service providers to deliver services in ways that respond to the changing needs of individuals and families”