What we do

“The relationship between the person (guest) and the Host Family carer is central to successful placements” – (NHSN – National Standards for Home Sharing)

Home Sharing / Short Breaks

Home Sharing should provide social, learning, and fun opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to have enjoyable experiences, which help them become more independent and form real friendships outside their family.

At the same time their families get regular breaks from the daily nurturing routines of rearing a child with a disability and supporting that person into adulthood. Breaks that involve staying with a Host Family are universally considered to be more socially inclusive than ‘respite’ in traditional segregated or centre based services although it is acknowledged that centre based respite is required for individuals with significant levels of need.

Our Mission & Aims

Our mission is to support family based Home Sharing & Short Breaks Schemes and Inclusive Living for people with an intellectual disability.
The aims of NHSN are:

  • To promote Home Sharing / Host Family based services
  • To develop good practice and standards
  • To assist schemes to recruit hosts
  • To provide information to Host Families
  • To inform people with an intellectual disability and their families about Home Sharing / Host Family based services
  • To retain an up to date directory of schemes
  • To represent the sector at National and International level
  • To promote research and disseminate findings

Home Sharing or Short Breaks services in your area.