Placement Reviews

Reviews of placements will take into account the changing circumstances/needs both of the person placed (the guest) and the Home Sharing family. The review will examine how the person’s emotional, social and personal needs are being met. It will also review how the Home Sharing family are managing and issues that may need clarification are addressed. Placements are reviewed on a regular basis and not longer that 12 – 18 months apart.

Home Sharing Family Reviews

A set review of the Home Sharing family as a unit apart from placement reviews should be undertaken by the Social Worker every 3 – 5 years for Home Sharing (Short Breaks) families & every 1 – 2 years for Contract & Shared Living families.

Ongoing reviews consider the performance of the Home Sharing families, their training requirements, significant changes in their circumstances, their health status, and the adequacy of the supports and training provided by the scheme. It also considers their future availability to the Home Sharing scheme.