Shared Living

What is Shared Living?

Some Host Families provide full-time accommodation or placements to adults with disabilities. In return these families receive an allowance, companionship, and a chance to make a difference to the lives of everyone in their households.

The adult and the ‘Shared Living’ Family are carefully matched and the adult must choose to become part of the household. The idea is to build Inclusive Living arrangements by providing opportunities to be part of the households’ social networks and by providing opportunities to develop relationships based on mutual benefit and real community inclusion.

In some cases the person with a disability may eventually chose to leave the household for their own house or apartment. In such cases the members of the household provide an essential role in preparing him or her for this transition and in supporting the person to settle into their new home. The members of these households may go on to acts as ‘extended family’ to someone living in their own home.

There are, as yet, limited opportunities to provide full-time Shared Living arrangements to adults with disabilities. There are well-developed schemes in Clare, the Midlands and Galway.