Short Breaks

Home Sharing (Short Breaks) Families

All host families include large families, small families, couples and individuals who welcome people with disabilities, to their homes, on a regular basis for short periods of time. This can be for a few hours a week, or weekend visits, to longer holiday type breaks.

This is a rewarding role as it offers a child or young person the opportunity to make new friends and gain independence while allowing parents and other family members to step outside their usual routine.

All host families are fully vetted, assessed and approved. Host Families attend a course to prepare them for supporting their guests. Once you are approved, you will be offered ongoing training, support and an allowance fro sessions provided. Host Families come from all different backgrounds.

There are lots of different types of Home Sharing and Short Break arrangements. Some hosts provide day placements; others provide overnights and weekend breaks. Some welcome the same person each time. Others welcome a number of people with disabilities. Contract family schemes provide Short Breaks on a contract basis and tend to do this as more of a full-time job providing a service to a number of people. ‘Contract Family’ schemes differ from Home Sharing (Short Breaks) schemes as the Contract Family are contracted for a specific amount of nights each month and provide breaks to individuals with higher levels of need.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, you can either find a family based short-break service or get in touch using the form on our contact page.